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    Introductory Class

    Straightright classes are unique in their style and approach to fitness through boxing techniques. Because of this uniqueness, a FREE introductory class is required for all those looking to participate in any one of our Total Body Fitness, Group Boxing or Boxing Academy classes. During this one-hour group session, new participants are given the opportunity to learn our terminology along with boxing footwork, defense, and punches at a slower pace than our everyday classes. Call or email us to register!

    First Punch

    Welcome to the boxing classroom! First Punch is an introduction to boxing for young children, ages 8-12. This class covers the fundamentals of boxing and and builds confidence through discipline and structure. This class will cover footwork and basics as well as contact should that be a goal of the individual. Students will have a chance to work all the same techniques as their older peers in a class surrounded by those close to their age. The ability to "graduate" to the Boxing Academy becomes available once the child turns 13 years old.

    Boxing Academy

    Since 2005, the Straightright® Boxing Academy has been the premier program for any kids (ages 8 up through college) with an interest in 'sweet science' of boxing to learn the fundamentals of the sport and to experience a first-rate conditioning program (using a mix of aerobic, anaerobic, and plyometric exercises) to help them become their very best in preparation for any athletic endeavor. Whether they have an interest in training to compete in the ring or if they are simply looking to unlock their full physical potential, the Boxing Academy is the perfect after-school activity! The Academy is also a fantastic way for student-athletes to stay in peak physical condition during the off-season. Come in and try two FREE sessions to see what the Academy can do for your kids!

    Total Body Fitness Class

    Are you tired of the same old, same old when it comes to your workout routine? Would you like the assistance of an attentive trainer to help make sure you're getting the most out of your exercise plan? TBF class is the perfect solution. Appropriate for everyone from teenagers to active seasoned citizens, this class is tailored ​to any and all skill levels. Come and experience an intensive, focused, and--most importantly--FUN class where we unlock your inner boxer! This class is built around the same exercises used by professional boxers to get into top-notch shape, so here's your chance to become the athlete you've always known you can be! Learn the art of throwing the perfect punch in a safe and controlled environment by practicing the proper form and technique. And the best part of all? No two classes are alike! The constant variety of workouts means that the boredom you used to feel getting onto the stair-master every day is a thing of the past! Come in and try two FREE sessions to see just how much fun our workouts can be!

    Group Boxing

    Do normal workouts lack the intensity to keep your interest? Have you ever watched a boxing match and wondered what it would be like to step between the ropes yourself? Are you looking for an amazing way to blow off steam and reduce stress? If you answered 'yes' to any of these questions, you may just have what it takes to try our Group Boxing class. Whether you want to train to compete in the ring (Toughman, Golden Gloves, etc.), or are just looking for a new and fun way to get and stay fit, our Group Boxing class is something that you owe it to yourself to check out. This is your chance to learn 'the sweet science', training in the fundamentals of boxing while getting the best workout of your life! Come in and try two FREE sessions to see if you have what it takes to bring it to the ring.

    Straightright -Z (Virtual Class)

    Straightright-Z is the fusion of our one-of-a-kind boxing fitness and technique with technology. Virtual live classes give interaction with boxing coaches leading you through the entire total body workout infused with boxing elements. Classes are always unique to keep your mind and body active, eliminating boredom and plateau. Never miss a workout! Take classes from home or anywhere you might be without the need for any equipment. Become a member to receive your emailed login to meet us at the virtual gym!


    Call 479-365-7760 today to sign up!

    Group Strength Training

    Get strong, stay strong with our Group Strength Training class. If you are looking for a group class that will tone, tighten, build muscle and increases your metabolism while helping you to manage your weight this is the class for you. Building muscular strength and endurance using dumbbells and other weighted equipment is the total focus of this class that will work all major muscle groups as well as your core!

    Open Gym

    Get your workout in on your schedule! Members are encouraged to come at any time during hours of operation to utilize the gym and its many pieces of cardio, weight and gym equipment. Workouts can be self-driven or followed from the workout of the day printed on the gym whiteboard. Trainers are always nearby to answer questions and assist if needed.

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