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    Gym Wars Returns To Springdale!

    No Winners, No Losers, Just Hard Work!


    Sparring is one of the most significant and exciting training aspects of the sport of boxing. Come out and experience this action packed training at it's best from boxers from all three Straightright gyms! These guys and gals have been putting in the hard work in their respective Straightright gyms. Now, it's time to bring them together to watch the sparks fly!

    This will be STRAIGHTRIGHT BOXERS ONLY. No outside gyms are invited to spar. We are sorry for the inconvenience, it is out of our power. Feel free to contact USA Boxing and ask them why and how they can change policy to allow sparring to open up to others. We'd love to have you guys any other time besides Gym Wars of course as well!

    Your support, through the form of donations to the Straightright (Arkansas Boxing Foundation) non-profit (501c) organization, goes directly toward funding travel and tournament costs for the Straightright boxing team members as they set out to make a statement on the national boxing stage in various tournaments throughout 2019 and beyond.

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    All proceeds go to the Straightright Arkansas Boxing Foundation

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